Manuscript Review Process

Submitted articles undergo a blind review by members of Quality Progress’ editorial review board, comprised of ASQ members. Most manuscripts are reviewed in about 90 days.

There are five possible outcomes of this initial review:

  • Article is accepted. Accepted articles are generally published in the order in which they are submitted.
  • Article is rejected.
  • Revisions are requested of the author(s). If the author(s) chooses to revise and resubmit the article, it goes back to the original reviewers for a second review, during which any of these outcomes is possible again.
  • Minor revisions are requested, and the article is accepted contingent on those revisions being made.
  • Article is sent to additional reviewers for what is called a technical review. This may happen if the original reviewers can’t come to consensus on an article or if the reviewers don’t believe their expertise on the article’s topic is deep enough to give a fair review. This outcome extends the length of the review process.

Reviewers base their decision to accept a manuscript on criteria such as content, originality, readability, presentation and, most importantly, contribution to the quality body of knowledge and professional development of the reader. Figures, tables and graphs are encouraged, and appropriate references and citations are important.

Please note Quality Progress will not publish an article that serves primarily to promote an organization's or individual's products or services. In addition, it will not consider an article that is being submitted simultaneously to another publication or use a previously published article without substantial revisions.

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