Helpful Hints

Follow a simple rule: Write about a subject you know. While you should avoid writing the article in the first person, it’s important you tell us something new in your own words.

You can use references, but don't limit yourself to what other people have said. Practical illustrations and case studies are terrific ways to help get your point across.

Remember, presentation counts! Please proofread your article carefully before submitting.

While you’re not restricted to writing on topics listed in our editorial calendar, you may improve your chances of getting published, or shorten the time until publication, by preparing an article that matches the calendar. Articles directed toward a particular topic should be submitted at least six months in advance so there is adequate time for peer review and editing.

Finally, although we have regular contributors for most of our columns, we will accept submissions into the review process for “Back to Basics,” “Try This Today” and “My Quality Story”. These are the only columns for which we accept submissions.

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