Column Guidelines

The word limit for all of these columns is 600.

“One Good Idea”
This column helps readers learn about tools and techniques other professionals have developed or revised to help with daily tasks. This column should be about a new tool or a new twist on an old tool. You should include measurable results that prove the tool or technique works well.

We also consider columns about “one bad idea” — a lesson learned, perhaps the hard way, while attempting to apply a quality tool, technique or program.

“Back to Basics”
This column covers one well-known, entry-level quality tool, concept or methodology for readers new to the quality arena or those who need retraining on basic, traditional quality concepts. Include examples of how the tool or concept works, demonstrating why it has become a staple among quality practitioners.

“Quality in the First Person”
This column offers an opportunity for readers to share their personal quality stories. An appropriate submission would be an account of how you got into the quality field, how it has helped your organization or your career or how quality has enhanced your personal life.

The word limit for this column is 1,500.

Everyone has an opinion. QP’s Perspectives column gives you the opportunity to share yours. If you would like to submit a timely, quality-related, informative position piece for consideration, send your manuscript to

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