2019 Editorial Planner

Each issue of Quality Progress includes a cover story article as well as a number of features, departments and columns. The 2019 Quality Progress editorial planner includes topics that will be covered in each specific issue; however, in 2019, these topics don’t necessarily represent what will be the cover article(s). Unlike in previous years, the cover article will be determined on the basis of trends, timing and scope of the complete editorial package. This new approach will give QP editors more freedom in content presentation and will be a great benefit for readers.

If the topic you would like to write about does not appear in the editorial planner, please do not let that dissuade you from submitting your article. We will use all accepted articles, whether they align with a cover theme or not.

If you are aiming for a specific issue, please submit your article at least six months before the issue date. If you miss this deadline, send the article anyway. Quality Progress may use it in a different issue.

Please note these are the projected topics for feature articles (which are about 2,000-2,500 words max). Also see our column descriptions (which are limited to 600 words).

Building a Better Workplace

Lean and Six Sigma

Innovation and Creativity

Leading Change

Standards and Auditing

The Strength of Teams

Careers: Finding Your Path to Success

Basic Tools, New Twists

Women in Quality

Quality 4.0

Risk and Risk Management

Salary Survey


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