Standard Issues: The Complete Package

by Cressionnie, L.L. “Buddy”

When users think about the IAQG or aerospace quality standards, they typically think only of the aerospace standard AS9100. But what about the other standards that IAQG provides for a complete QMS solution for the ASD industry?...

Scoping Things Out

by Sharma, Manoj; Funderburg, Deborah; Wolfram, Linda; Sparks, Lisa; Tachie-Menson, Mercy; Mudryk, Robin

The North Zone (NZ) region in the northern part of Alberta has a population of about a half a million spread over 500,000 square kilometers. The area is served by 34 healthcare centers (HCC) and regional hospitals....

A Fundamental FMEA Flaw

by Jing, Gary G.

Expectations about how failure mode and effects analysis should be done vary significantly. People with different backgrounds or who work in different industries have vastly different experiences. Still, there are two consistent struggles with the tool....

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