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We ARE Doing It!

by Radziwill, Nicole; Stepniowski, Jennifer; Duffy, Grace; Jeffries, Sheronda; Kovach, Jamison V.; Gaydos, Michelle D.; Bhattacharyya, Binafza; Kendall, Kay; Siegler, Aimee; Anderson-Cook, Christine; Johnson, Heather Audrene; Chitre, Sejal Patel

In July, the FIFA World Cup-winning U.S. women’s national soccer team used a world-stage podium to draw attention to pay disparity in men’s and women’s professional soccer....

Statistics Spotlight: Getting the Luster Back

by Lucas, James M.; Snee, Ronald D.

A textile fiber manufacturing plant was having a production yield problem. On occasion, the plant was producing yarn that was not bright enough. The low-luster yarn was recycled, thus reducing yields and increasing manufacturing costs....

Six Sigma Solutions: Goal Setting’s Conflict Resolution

by Breyfogle, Forrest W. III

Business goal setting is important, but care must be taken when setting and monitoring performance measurements against stated objectives. If this doesn’t happen, unhealthy behaviors can occur....

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