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18 Steps to Six Sigma Project Success

by Fernandes, Marcelo Machado; Hurst, Jennifer; Antony, Jiju; Turrioni, João Batista; Silva, Messias Borges

Selection and prioritization of Six Sigma projects (SSP) is one of the most frequently discussed issues in Six Sigma literature. If an SSP is poorly selected, positive results are delayed and frustration may build throughout the organization....

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Back to Basics: The Wow Factor

by Muncaster, David

It’s amazing how much the digital age has changed the way organizations view and react to customers....

For Best Results

by Moura e Sá, Patrícia

Organizations put considerable effort into developing innovative products and services capable of delivering value to customers and users. Reducing development costs and the risks of failure, and improving time-to-market performance are key priorities....

Dead or Alive

by Sower, Victor E.; Green, Kenneth W.; Zelbst, Pamela J.;

Some suggest the concept is obsolete, but recent research found TQM is alive and well, and its inclusiveness helps employees take part in meeting or exceeding customer needs....

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How We Work

by Gaskill, Tyler

The Joint Commission’s robust process improvement program trains employees in lean Six Sigma and change management, making continuous improvement an intrinsic job function for everyone....

Innovation Imperative: A Fresh Mix

by Merrill, Peter

Age diversity can breed innovation, but it requires communication skills. Innovators know the benefits of diversity in creating new ideas. But diversity only works if there is understanding and trust between diverse people....

Role Call

by Sunder, Vijaya; Shah, Shashank;

A structured approach to managing stakeholders in lean Six Sigma projects....

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Best of Back to Basics: Outputs and Outcomes

by Westcott, Russ

When project objectives are set, the term “deliverables” is often used to specify those tangible things produced by the project. Two key factors, however, are often overlooked....

Elevating Excellence

by Gaskill, Tyler

Revamping its culture with a process mindset, eliminating fear of asking tough questions, training employees on quality tools and using a structured approach to planning and decision making helped Elevations Credit Union receive a Baldrige award....

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Like Abilities

by Liu, Shu

Beyond providing quality products and services, organizations must gain trust by engaging customers on social media and cultivating trust agents. An organization can no longer ignore customer complaints because customers are just one Google search away fr...

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