Expert Answers: September 2018

by Wagoner, Keith

It’s important to understand what is meant by “performance part” and “functional part,” and how they’re viewed by the two parties that handle them. The producer manufactures the parts, and the consumer needs those parts and uses them in production....

What’s Your Strategy?

by Dew, John R.

To successfully enable their clients and organizations to produce sustainable quality results, it is vital for quality professionals to understand quality-centered strategic planning and tactical planning for quality results and improvement....

Standard Issues: Paddle Like the Dickens

by Ramu, Govind

Throughout my quality career, I have been continually challenged by business process owners, R&D engineers and scientists, and senior management staff to prove the benefits of quality management systems (QMS)....

Becoming a Master

by Kachoui, David

Every quality manager wants to build a team of avid learners who continually improve. The quality manager must first build his or her own competency in the quality field to develop personal mastery....

Seeking Validation

by Mehta, Bob

Process validation is an important influencer in manufacturing, regardless of industry. In the biomedical industry, for example, it’s imperative medical devices are safe and effective for their intended use....

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Volviendo a los Fundamentos: Subir de Nivel

by Harkins, Ray

Además de cumplir con los requisitos de estándares de calidad específicos las métricas del sistema de calidad correctamente diseñadas también pueden servir como indicadores importantes sobre las fortalezas y debilidades de los diversos procesos....

Gaining Ground

by Kafafi, Alaa

The quality professional manages the organization’s quality management system and champions improvement initiatives, which support the organization’s operational effectiveness, but more is required if an organization wants to outperform its competitors....

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Back to Basics: Level Up

by Harkins, Ray

Developing and using metrics such as OEE that highlight an organization’s best opportunities for improvement have the potential to unlock the next level of profitability....

Expert Answers: March 2018

by Artan, M. Onur

certification bodies ask for the scope of an organization—including any exclusions—during the new application and Certification renewal stages, but you can declare an exclusion to the documented scope of your QMS to the certification body at any time....

Standard Issues: Preparing for Change

by Hirt, Bill

ISO/IEC 17025—General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories is the global standard for testing and calibration labs....

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