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Career Corner: Truth Detective

by Christopher, Rosemarie; Dionne, Paul

Learn how to investigate prospective employers and avoid working for duds, and why employers must consider their reputations as part of employee recruitment and retention....

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Career Corner: New Responsibilities

by Lindborg, Henry

Charismatic leaders and highly successful companies benefit from a halo effect. People tend to believe they have specific positive qualities or skills because they make a good impression....

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Career Corner: Opening Doors

by Conklin, Joseph

Career Corner columnist Joseph Conklin interviews a counselor at the Prince George’s One-Stop Career Center in Laurel, MD, during the second week of the October 2013 government shutdown to look into training and retraining programs for displaced workers....

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Quality in the First Person: Broken Arrow

by ReVelle, Jack

One member’s role in preventing nuclear disaster....

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One Good Idea: Flurry of Inactivity

by Markovitz, Daniel

It won’t be long before snow starts to fall again. And as the weather cools, it reminds me of the blizzard that struck the New York City area last December and a lesson it can teach leaders everywhere....

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Perspectives: Salvaging Baldrige

by Hubbard, Dean; Klute, Paul

The Baldrige Performance Excellence Program is in trouble. It was in trouble before its federal funding was threatened. And it’s because the program has gotten away from its roots....

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What Have We Learned?

by Reid, R. Dan

In a general way, the disaster in Japan provides us with a good context to see what lessons can be learned from fundamental quality management science....

In a Perfect World

by Krzykowski, Brett

During an interview with QP, former U.S. Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill speaks about the U.S. healthcare system, the signs of economic calamity everyone ignored, and the U.S. government's resistance to the quality way of thinking....

The Road to Improvement

by Baranzelli, John D.

Registration of public organizations to the ISO 9001 quality management standard can be difficult because of their complex operations and extensive documentation....

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