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Career Coach: The Value of Insult

by Lindborg, Henry J.

Some advice I received when working with failing organizations was, “Present quality as a lifeline for survival.” My response: “Good idea, but the organization must know it’s drowning.”...

Expert Answers: January 2020

by Wrestler, Denise

What if executive leadership ignores quality? I’ve encountered leadership that is focused on the appearance of quality, but actively suppresses it. What can a manager do in these situations?...

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My Quality Story: Emotionally Invested

by Cecile, Hope

Incorporating emotional intelligence into quality departments from the top down is crucial to success. Quality is tough to work in, and the quality department is the key to setting the emotional atmosphere in an organization....

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Career Coach: Communication Breakdown

by Urban, Erin

Leverage a proven centuries-old tool designed by evolution: the powerful in-person conversation. People will find you more approachable and feel that you value them....

Standard Issues: A New Perspective

by Ramu, Govind

ISO 10014 is directed at an organization’s top management, and ISO 9001 refers to top management’s commitment multiple times throughout the requirements. Without top management’s commitment and support, initiatives can’t thrive....

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My Quality Story: Blazing a Trail

by Davis, David

If I was addressing anyone other than quality professionals, I’d say it was a million degrees outside. I can’t produce any measurements to back that up, but I can say that it was August, there was a draught and my buddy and I were nearly out of water....

Expert Answers: November 2019

by Selvakumar, Anusha

How can quality professionals help the accounting department understand and implement cost of quality (COQ)?...

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Career Coach: Ghostbusting

by Whitacre, Teresa

A common event in the hiring cycle is ghosting--stopping all communication and contact with another party without warning or justification. Typically, it’s something we only hear about employers doing, but the trend has extended to job candidates....

Consuming the Concept of Risk

by Córdoba Galve, Vicente

One of the major changes to ISO 9001:2015 is the concept of potential nonconformity was replaced with the concept of risk. Because of this change, the primary purpose of a quality management system—prevention—must be restored....

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Career Coach: One to Follow

by Wrestler, Denise

Be like Mike—but not Michael Jordan. I’m referring to Mike Mussallem, chairman and CEO of Edwards Lifesciences. Not only is Mike leading a well-known healthcare company to medical breakthroughs, he’s ensuring the company always has the end-user in mind....

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