Quality Progress

November 2015 Issue

Cover Story

Pop Culture

Get ready to laugh as QP takes a light-hearted look at how quality has been portrayed in TV shows, movies, music, cartoons and commercials over the years.

by Mark Edmund, associate editor

Open Access


Future of Quality

On the Horizon

Highlights from ASQ’s 2015 “Future of Quality Report,” including insights on the “Internet of Things,” the future of manufacturing, statistical engineering and customer service from industry experts.

by Tyler Gaskill, contributing editor

Future of Quality


Two thought leaders discuss the importance of building “anti-fragile” organizations and why leadership must understand how the past and present influence in the future.

by Ted Marra and Tony Bendell

Performance Metrics

To Measure Is to Know

The basics of developing and implementing a measurement and analysis program to help your organization make effective decisions and take appropriate actions.

by Susan Leister and Suzanne Tran

Happy World Quality Month!

World Quality Month

To celebrate the people and organizations that practice quality throughout the world, World Quality Month is taking place throughout the month of November. Visit www.worldqualitymonth.org for ideas and content to promote quality and to plan activities.

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View an ASQ TV episode that features clips of quality in pop culture.

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