Quality Progress

June 2016 Issue

Cover Story

How We Work

Learn how the Joint Commission incorporated lean Six Sigma and change management methods into its process improvement program, eventually creating a self-sustaining culture of quality.

by Tyler Gaskill, assistant editor

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Case Study

System Sustainability

Change management lessons from a pharmaceutical facility that built an entirely new quality system.

by Carol Brandt

Quality Tools

Designing a Fix

By analyzing voice of the customer data and failure modes and using Six Sigma, a team changed an organization’s disjointed sales and operations planning process. In the end, the new process reduced planning cycle time, boosted productivity and improved customer satisfaction scores.

by Maharajan Chidambaram

Quality Tools

Leveling Up

A roadmap for organizations to ascend the five performance excellence levels of the capability maturity model and reach world-class excellence.

by Grace L. Duffy

Quality History

Always Applicable

W. Edwards Deming’s system of profound knowledge remains essential for management and quality professionals to understand the messiness of today’s business world and develop ways of moving forward.

by Ronald D. Moen and Clifford L. Norman

Joint Commission Leader Discusses Quality in Healthcare

Joint Commission President and CEO Mark R. Chassin, M.D., explains how lean Six Sigma can benefit a healthcare organization’s quality efforts.

Joint Commission Leader Discusses Quality in Healthcare

ASQ TV: The Way Toward
Risk-Based Thinking

ASQ TV’s latest episode explains why ISO 9001:2015 moved away from preventive action and toward risk-based thinking. It also covers how to use traditional preventive action tools to satisfy risk-based thinking requirements.

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