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December 2016 Issue

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Follow the Signs

Are you where you want to be in your career? Do you know which direction to take? Let QP’s 30th annual salary survey help you discern the signs and signals, and set the right course for you to advance your career—and boost your earnings.

by Max Christian Hansen

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An Overview of Earnings

Overview and salary by job title.

Serious About Certifications

Salary by certifications.

Six Sigma Solid

Salary by highest level of Six Sigma training.

Sticking With Quality

Salary by years of experience in quality.

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Gaming the System

Learn about a system that encourages employees to have fun and play games while finding ways to cut costs, drive improvement and weed out waste.

by Kelly A. Ciskowski

Design of Experiments

On the Cutting Edge

U.S. Army statisticians, engineers and chemists adapt elements from design of experiments to improve a chemical-coating process.

by Douglas Ray

Salary Survey Discussions

View a webcast featuring commentary and analysis about the 2016 QP Salary Survey results from author Max Christian Hansen.”

ASQ TV: Career Outlook

ASQ TV: Career Outlook

ASQ TV’s latest episode explains how quality professionals can apply their system and process-auditing skills to their careers. Learn how to put yourself on the hot seat by conducting a career audit that assesses whether your career plan matches your career aspirations.

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