Quality Progress

January 2017 Issue

Cover Story

Get in Shape

For organizations to become healthy and fit, continuous improvement activities must become an everyday routine. Here are nine steps leaders can take to encourage that transformation.

by Daniel Markovitz

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Basic Quality

Square in the Crosshairs

Why it makes sense to add the five whys technique, as well as the concept of proximate and ultimate cause, to your root cause analysis.

by Matthew Barsalou

Process Improvement

In the Shadows

Learn the basics of a three-step approach to job shadowing that can shed light on processes and improvement opportunities.

by Ali Nigh

Project Management

Building Assurance

Builders used a construction quality assurance program to control quality and avoid unplanned costs during a complex project with a tight schedule.

by Bruce E. Beck and Tim Isle

ASQ TV: The Hidden Factory

ASQ TV: The Hidden Factory

ASQ TV’s latest episode explains the concept of the hidden factory. Learn how it can affect any organization and create misleading metrics that cause productivity to outrun quality.

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