Quality Progress

August 2017 Issue

Cover Story

Get at the Core

Go beyond the human factor as a problem or defect’s final root cause and find real solutions to prevent errors from recurring.

by Devin I. McElroy

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Supply Chain Management

Stock Options

A hospital pharmacy used lean principles to shore up its internal inventory and supply chain processes.

by Manoj Sharma

Process Improvement

Elevate Your Strategy

Fill in any customer service gaps by using two complementary cost-reduction methods—design for manufacture and assembly, and design for quick response.

by Richard J. Schonberger


Discover, Devise and Deploy

Harness the power of measurement and statistics to implement process improvement and sustain change.

by Charles E. Holman

Quality Progress Celebrates 50 Years!

As part of November’s coverage of 50 years of Quality Progress magazine, editors want to hear from you. Submit stories and memories about quality and how you’ve seen the profession advance over the past five decades. Express wishes for Quality Progress in its next 50 years. Visit asq.org/50-years-qp to submit your ideas and stories, which could be featured in the November edition of Quality Progress.

ASQTV Voice of the Customer

ASQTV Voice of the Customer:
Connecting Through Emotion and Quality

Hear experts explain the multiple uses of a customer journey map and how quality professionals can leverage surveys to identify customer loyalty. Visit http://videos.asq.org to access the full video library.

Reaction Gauge

Is there anything Amazon can’t do? Not only does it sell just about anything you could imagine, it also offers same-day shipping and one-click ordering, uses drones to deliver packages and even manufactures some of its own products.

Now, the retail giant is expanding into the brick-and-mortar grocery store business with its most recent venture—purchasing Whole Foods. Considering Amazon is well known for dabbling in automation, how might this acquisition change Amazon’s supply chain implementation model? What new challenges might Amazon face in the fresh food industry?

Send your responses to editor@asq.org.

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