Quality Progress

February 2017 Issue

Cover Story

Come Together

The pod concept and lean principles streamlined the customer experience for one insurance organization.

by Ryan Marcus and Michelle Harris

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Case Study

Subject to Review

A Virginia hospital pinpointed the factors that improved the odds of success for its Six Sigma projects.

by Todd Creasy

Process Improvement

Good Shepherds

The tragedy of the commons theory on resource sharing will give organizations added insight into managing staff and projects more efficiently and effectively.

by Kathryn D. McIver

Case Study

Small Changes, Big Results

To detect defects in electronic products, design a highly accelerated stress screen and understand what adjustments to make a build a better product.

by Daniel K. Sarosky

Change Ahead

Change Ahead

Keep your eyes peeled for next month’s QP, which features a new look and format, as well as reimagined columns and departments. The issue is set to release March 1!

ASQ TV: The Hidden Factory

ASQ TV: The Hidden Factory

ASQ TV’s latest episode explains the concept of the hidden factory. Learn how it can affect any organization and create misleading metrics that cause productivity to outrun quality.

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