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February 2016 Issue

Cover Story

New Heights

For many, a modified version of Six Sigma’s define, measure, analyze, improve and control (DMAIC) method can be used to improve companies’ translation processes, aiding efforts to expand globally.

by Matthew Mermel

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Lean Six Sigma

Every Second Counts

A cellular phone company called on lean to shore up its call center operations. The result? Call handling time was reduced by 30 seconds, which helped save the company $2.5 million annually.

by Sami Saif


Lean Delivery

Lean methods and tools empowered staff members at a St. Louis hospital’s labor and delivery unit to accomplish more procedures on time, improve patient recovery times and grow a quality culture.

by Tony Vago, Ashley M. Bell and Heather Thompson

Six Sigma

Under Advisement

Six Sigma’s DMAIC method guided New York college students to recommend ways to revamp their school’s academic advising program.

by Samuel Tetens, Angela Southwick, Jonathon Bellardo, David Adamczak and Karen Magnuson, with contributions from Lisa M. Walters

Lean and Six Sigma

Role Call

It’s important to understand the challenges of managing multiple stakeholders and building a structured approach during lean Six Sigma projects at financial institutions.

by Vijaya Sunder and Shashank Shah

ASQ TV: Lean vs. Sixgma
Learn what makes lean and Six Sigma such powerful approaches in episode of ASQ TV. It’s not about which approach is better, but how bringing in elements of each can enhance your problem-solving efforts.

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