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Early, Late or Right on Time?

by Funk, Valerie

A histogram is a bar graph that takes measurement data and displays their distribution to reveal the amount of variation in the data set....

Follow My Lead

by Offstein, Evan H.; Morwick Jason M.

Only a month into your company's process improvement project, the plant superintendent says he is considering discontinuing the quality initiative....

The Birth of Document Control

by Grime,Richard

Three employees learn the hard way they must work together to make improvements....

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ISO 9001 Made Easy

by Jaffrey, Syed Hasan

ISO 9001 is a quality management system (QMS) standard that requires an organization to meet its own requirements and those of its customers and regulators....

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Which Six Sigma Metric Should I Use?

by Rudisill, Frank; Druley, Steve

Since its inception at Motorola in the early 1980s, Six Sigma has helped large and small companies solve problems, improve processes, delight customers and increase profits....

Successful Relationship Diagrams

by Boisvert, Lisa

Revealing the relationships among all the elements of a problem allows a quality improvement team to focus on the one or two elements most strongly driving the problem--the root causes. This makes sense, yet it's not a very popular concept....

QP Review

Start at the top item and, moving clockwise, ask, “Is there a relationship between these two items? After relating each item to every other item, count the number of arrows going in and the number of arrows going out of each item. Brassard, Michael, and D...

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