Six Sigma Solutions


3.4 per Million: Use DMAIC to Make Improvement Part of the Way We Work

by Snee, Ronald D.

Faster, better, cheaper. That’s what organizations across almost all major industries must now do to remain competitive....

3.4 Per Million: How to Identify and Select Lean Six Sigma Projects

by Mader, Douglas

Lean Six Sigma is a powerful method for improving existing products, processes and services. Six Sigma was developed by Motorola in 1987. Motorola’s Six Sigma yielded significant financial results...

3.4 Per Million: Reviving the Process Map

by Kubiak, T.M.

Recently, I was conducting a series of project reviews at a client site. Toward the end of the reviews, I quietly leaned over to one MBB and asked why the teams were using basic flowcharts instead of process maps....

3.4 per Million: Assessing the Effectiveness of Controls Under Uncertainty

by Conklin, Joseph D.

Sequential sampling and logistic regression techniques offer useful strategies....

3.4 per Million: Six Sigma in Everything We Do?

by Carnell, Mike

I was lucky to work for Motorola in the 1980s and early 1990s - right in the middle of the company's transformation. Motorola was at risk as were many U.S. businesses....

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