Six Sigma Solutions


Control Charting at the 30,000-Foot-Level, Part 3

by Forrest Breyfogle III

In my November 2003 "3.4 per Million" column (p. 67), I described a traditional and a 30,000-foot-level procedure for creating control charts and making process capability/performance metric assessments for a continuous response....

When Worlds Collide: Lean and Six Sigma

by Snee, Ronald D.

Facing unprecedented pressure to improve performance across the board, organizations cannot afford to forego the benefits of either Six Sigma or lean....

Axiomatic Design and DFSS

by Mader, Douglas P.

In the last few years, design for Six Sigma (DFSS) has gained much popularity due to the widespread application of Six Sigma principles outside the operations environment, particularly in new product development....

What Makes a Six Sigma Project Successful?

by Voelkel, Joseph G.

Suppose you just completed a Six Sigma project on which you were either a Champion, a belt (Master Black Belt, Black Belt or Green Belt) or a team member. You are now in a lessons learned meeting and have been asked to give your opinion on the project....

When Your Process Has Runs, Trends and Cycles

by Conklin, Joseph D.

As a Six Sigma practitioner, you sometimes work with processes that have memory, in which the value observed at some earlier time partly influences or determines the current value....

A Solid Foundation

by Carnell, Mike

Any discussion of implementing Six Sigma is typically accompanied by a conversation around top management buy-in and the fiat that it is a top-down initiative. They are independent issues, so I'll separate them for discussion and clarity....

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