Foreword: What It Takes to Make It

by Seiche Sanders

What skill sets are the most highly prized in a quality professional today? In recent years, we’ve seen increasing emphasis put on leadership and communication, and a growing desire by quality professionals to hone and exercise those soft skills....

Foreword: Teams Gain Steam

by Sanders, Seiche

Early in my career, I had a boss—well, actually, the three-steps-up boss—who would stand at the employee entrance every morning, tapping her watch disappointedly as we scurried in the door a couple minutes past 8 a.m....

Foreword: Hit the Road

by Sanders, Seiche

As long as you wind up in the same place, does it really matter how you get there?...

Foreword: Change of Scenery

by Sanders, Seiche

Most workdays, you'll find me in front of a computer, where much of my research, learning and observation takes place....

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