Foreword: A Retooled World

by Sanders, Seiche

I think we all can agree that the “new normal” really means that normal no longer exists. So much of what we do now—and how we’ll do it in the future—will be altered forever in the wake of a global pandemic....

Foreword: Know Before They Go

by Sanders, Seiche

Recently, someone on my team left for one of those “can’t-turn-it-down” type of job opportunities....

Foreword: A Helping Hand

by Sanders, Seiche

I’m writing to you from my nomadic home office as we wrap up our first QP issue completed entirely online....

Foreword: What It Takes to Make It

by Seiche Sanders

What skill sets are the most highly prized in a quality professional today? In recent years, we’ve seen increasing emphasis put on leadership and communication, and a growing desire by quality professionals to hone and exercise those soft skills....

Foreword: Teams Gain Steam

by Sanders, Seiche

Early in my career, I had a boss—well, actually, the three-steps-up boss—who would stand at the employee entrance every morning, tapping her watch disappointedly as we scurried in the door a couple minutes past 8 a.m....

Foreword: Hit the Road

by Sanders, Seiche

As long as you wind up in the same place, does it really matter how you get there?...

Foreword: Change of Scenery

by Sanders, Seiche

Most workdays, you'll find me in front of a computer, where much of my research, learning and observation takes place....

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