Foreword: The Fish(bone) Gets Legs

by Sanders, Seiche

On a recent trip to Las Vegas, we hailed a ride-share and were surprised to find ourselves in an autonomous car. The technology was really cool, and I was super excited to experience firsthand something we've written about often in QP....

Foreword: Make It Count

by Sanders, Seiche

What makes you uncomfortable? Tight spaces? Heights? Negotiating a competitive and well-deserved salary? Why, yes! You're not alone-it's a difficult conversation for anyone....

Foreword: One for the Team

by Sanders, Seiche

As we wrap up this issue of QP, I’m packing my business cards and walking shoes as I prepare to travel to ASQ’s World Conference on Quality and Improvement in Fort Worth, TX....

Foreword: Tomato, Tomahto

by Sanders, Seiche

When it comes to certain words and phrases, there are no shades of correctness. Editors, of course, are hyper-aware of such differences. As far as I'm concerned, using the word "there" when it should be "their" is a justifiably fireable offense....

Foreword: Mind Over Matter

by Sanders, Seiche

The author of this month's cover story doesn't mince words when it comes to describing disruptive change's potential effect on a workforce: paralyzing....

Foreword: Enlightened Thinking

by Sanders, Seiche

A few years ago, when my daughter was 8, I was giving her one of those life-lesson talks, explaining to her that when I was a kid, we didn’t have cell phones, air conditioning or Wi-Fi....

Foreword: Steering Your Selection

by Sanders, Seiche

Does anyone you know struggle with directional dyslexia? A condition where one is so confused by directions that they’re always making wrong turns and getting lost? Whose best friend is their GPS?...

Foreword: In the Doghouse

by Sanders, Seiche

It’s the call (well, in this case, email) that no editor ever wants to get: “Hey QP, there is a glaring error in the issue I just received.”...

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