Statistics Spotlight


Statistics Spotlight: Asking the Right Question

by Barsalou, Matthew

I started thinking about accident rates while riding in a car when I was visiting another country. Is there a higher probability of getting into an accident there or at home?...

Statistics Spotlight: Needles in Haystacks

by Hare, Lynne B.

Seemingly intelligent people look you straight in the eye and instruct you to tell them how many samples are needed to be absolutely certain there are no defectives in the manufactured lot. These are people with advanced degrees....

Statistics Spotlight: How Good Are My Data?

by Seaman, Julia E.; Allen, I. Elaine

For many every day uses, applied statistics is used to prove superiority, inferiority or equivalence or test for outliers....

Statistics Spotlight: Action That Matters

by Snee, Ronald D.; Hoerl, Roger W.

Suppose you’re using a control chart to monitor the performance of an important process. You observe some points outside the control limits. These observed points, however, don’t seem to cause any real problem with the process or its output....

Statistics Spotlight: Know the Differences

by Barsalou, Matthew

Data are not the same as information. Data alone serve little purpose. To be useful, data must be transformed into information....

Statistics Spotlight: At Random

by Anderson-Cook, Christine M.

When I was a faculty member in the department of statistics at Virginia Tech more than a decade ago, I sometimes taught the “Statistical Methods for Scientists and Engineers” course....

Statistics Spotlight: Staying Relevant

by Seaman, Julia; Allen, I. Elaine; Zetumer, Samuel

In the beginning, there was the central limit theorem (CLT). We use it every day as the basis for our statistical analyses....

Statistics Spotlight: The Birth of Specifications

by Hare, Lynne B.

Unlike Sandro Botticelli’s depiction of the birth of Venus, specifications do not ride in from the sea on a half shell. No—they actually come from ceiling tiles. This revelation may come as a shock to many who think specifications are God-given....

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