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Expert Answers: June 2020

by Tang, Herman

How can I become well versed in lean manufacturing principles without working in a lean manufacturing facility? What are some recommended lean sources?...

Expert Answers: May 2020

by Jordan, Trevor

My organization is struggling to define the right headcount and staffing for our plants. Are there any guidelines about the staffing (headcount) structure for a tier-one automotive original equipment manufacturing company with about 15,000 employees?...

Expert Answers: April 2020

by Parker, Stephanie

What are some of the systematic steps you’ve followed to improve processes in your organization? Are there certain steps or frameworks you follow each time when tackling a process improvement initiative?...

Expert Answers: March 2020

by Veyera, Jeff

How can I measure the current level of my organization’s quality culture and, based on the results, elevate it?...

Expert Answers: February 2020

by Anderson-Cook, Christine M.

I am about to start collecting data for an analysis and am wondering what is the right sample size?...

Expert Answers: January 2020

by Wrestler, Denise

What if executive leadership ignores quality? I’ve encountered leadership that is focused on the appearance of quality, but actively suppresses it. What can a manager do in these situations?...

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