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My Quality Story: Give and Ye Shall Receive

by AlSahsah, Amy

One of my engineers is interested in managing and leading others, so I am harnessing this desire to help me manage younger engineers rotating through our team. In the blink of an eye, I have become the senior manager—the person they come to for advice....

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My Quality Story: Risky Business

by Wrestler, Denise

I assumed my 19th cruise would be a repeat of my previous 18. It had everything a typical cruise would include, but with one glaring difference—a pandemic was growing just outside of our floating oasis....

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My Quality Story: Training Tomorrow’s Quality Professionals

by McWhorter, Hil

After working for a cable manufacturer for a few years, I’ve learned that there are more than 100 failure modes that can occur at an extruder head, which is one small part of a much larger process....

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My Quality Story: One Step at a Time

by Morton, Mark

I am not a traditional IT guy. What I am is a process problem solver. When I was first hired by my current employer, I was hired as part of the quality assurance team in the IT group. That’s how I got into IT—I came in through the quality door....

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My Quality Story: Emotionally Invested

by Cecile, Hope

Incorporating emotional intelligence into quality departments from the top down is crucial to success. Quality is tough to work in, and the quality department is the key to setting the emotional atmosphere in an organization....

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