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Quality in the First Person: A Bad Sign

by Moeeni, Farhad

I kept my head down as I played hopscotch with the puddles on the mall parking lot. I started the engine, wiped some fog from the windows and started to back out, looking behind for cars. Suddenly—what was that?...

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Quality in the First Person: Chili Topped With Statistics

by Stepan, Paul

My daughter calls me a data nerd, as I am always using Microsoft Excel to document my life. I maintain data on the time my wife’s van arrives in the carpool lot, data on the performance of my investments and data on my various collections....

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Quality in the First Person: Quality Helps Kick Cancer

by Roberson, Russell L.

As a quality professional, I can’t help but look for ways to use quality tools in anything from correction to prevention, from work to everyday life. I have two examples of how quality tools and processes can help people overcome life-changing challenges....

Quality in the First Person: Introverts: Get Out!

by Purdy, Derek

Networking. We all know we should do it. Most of us have repeatedly been told the key to getting good jobs, achieving goals and having a happy life is building a network. And yet, if you’re an introvert, the prospect of heading into a group of strangers...

Quality in the First Person: Not Turning a Blind Eye

by Tanweer, Imam

On Oct. 2, 2010, I took ASQ’s certified hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP) auditor exam. I knew the results were e-mailed to candidates in about two weeks’ time, as this was not my first ASQ certification exam. In fact, it was my fifth....

Quality in the First Person: Come Together

by Hawkins, Kim

After working several years in the health promotion field for private industry, I found myself wanting to help others in a broader sense, so I pursued opportunities in the world of public health. I started in the public health field as the quality...

Quality in the First Person: A Winding Career Path

by Behr, Tim

Career paths can sometimes alter quite unexpectedly. Some people take great care in steering their career development, only to learn that factors beyond their control can have a greater influence on life....

Quality in the First Person: Around the World

by Hannah, Ian W.

Earlier this year, I was going through my e-mails and found one from ASQ, offering online training. The e-mail pointed to ASQ as being, “the leading quality training provider for more than 60 years.” I can vouch for that....

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