My Quality Story


Quality in the First Person: Make a Pit Stop

by Gould, Kirk, and Vincent, Chad

With each passing day, it seems as though the economy get a little worse. The stock market, unemployment rates and layoffs all paint a grim picture of the current state of the nation. While everyone is looking for an end to the economic crisis...

Quality in the First Person: Call to Order

by Smith, R. Dale

In summer 2001, I was working as a quality engineering manager in New Hampshire. While living there, I became involved in local government—much to the chagrin of my patient wife. Among other positions, I was serving as a member of the town’s budget...

Quality in the First Person: Quality Isn't a 9-to-5 Job

by Miller, Christopher

As a quality professional, I often think about how quality is embedded in people’s everyday lives. Looking back at my own life, I was shocked to learn how long and how much of an impact quality has had on me—especially outside of work....

Quality in the First Person: Beyond Appearances

by O'Connor, Tim

Throughout my 40 years in healthcare, I have always held the belief that quality must be intentional. The only true responsibility of a leader is to create an environment where staff can choose to be successful....

Quality in the First Person: Be All that You Can Be

by Brand, Mark

At first glance, my journey into the quality world may seem unusual. But when I look back, I see that it wasn’t about where I worked or what type of job I had, it was more about how I did those jobs and what they did for me....

Quality in the First Person: From Class to Career

by Stauffer, Rip

“Stauffer, on Monday morning, you will either be in that total quality leadership (TQL) class, or in front of the captain, explaining why you were not there!” With these words, my division officer inadvertently put my life on a different course....

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