My Quality Story


Quality Attitudes

by Frank, Heinz

As a Czechoslovakian, I am lucky that my parents sent me to the Prague English Grammar School for 13 years. All subjects were taught by English speaking teachers, and with the exception of Czech class and......

How Do You Begin?

by McCain, Cecelia

So, how did I begin in quality? I began knowing basically nothing about it and evolved my knowledge over 13 years....

The Cause and Effect Of My Quality Journey

by Ayad, Amine

My first encounter with quality occurred when I was a teenager and read in the newspaper that a human error resulted in a patient's death at a hospital. That incident created a shift in my life....

Satisfying Customer Needs: Life Is Quality

by Samot, Johanna

When I think about quality, I immediately think about satisfying customer requirements. And the more I think about it, the more I realize quality is part of everything I do....

The Road to Quality

by Webster, Denise

In my earlier days of football games, keg parties, sleeping through classes and a seemingly endless pursuit of something that interested me, I stumbled, tripped over and basically fell into the food science program at my university....

The Journey Never Ends

by Miguel Cauchick, Paulo

After more than five years of industrial experience, I decided to turn around my career and re-enter the academic world, perhaps trying to have a better understanding of process variation....

Quality Attitudes Start in Childhood

by Dedhia, Navin S.

My beliefs and behavior have had four major influences: my parents' teachings, stringent requirements during elementary and middle school years, the basic principles of my religion and IBM's corporate culture....

Assuring Quality-- A Lifelong Quest

by Blevins, Paul

Every person, at one time or another, has been associated with quality - it is called pride of workmanship. Throughout my elementary and high school years, I took pride in my schoolwork - I just didn't know to refer to it as quality....

A Midstream Career Change

by Heimbach, Jim

I began my life in the real world with a new engineering degree, a new job with a major aircraft manufacturer and a new baby. My first brush with the quality industry was after two years as an intern for the Boeing Co....

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