Quality professionals offer their views on what should and shouldn’t be in everyone’s quality library.

Open Access

Footnotes: September 2018

by Feldman, Marc A.; Kenett, Ron S.; Ruggles, Bryan; Allen, I. Elaine

Open Access

Footnotes: August 2018

by Feldman, Marc A.; Baker, Bill; Lanczycki Jr., John; Brong, Jerry

Open Access

Footnotes: July 2018

by Parthasarathy, Rangarajan; Marouni, Herzl; Anaganti, Suresh; Farris, Dale

Footnotes: June 2018

by Feldman, Marc A.; Jordan, Trevor; Pokrop, Frank; Parthasarathy, Rangarajan

QP Reviews: May 2018

by Feldman, Marc A.; Brong, Jerry; Spranger, Christopher; Guzman, Robert

Footnotes: April 2018

by Allen, I. Elaine; Rangarajan, Anuradha; Baker, Bill; Lanczycki, Jr., John J.

Footnotes: March 2018

by Feldman, Marc A.; Farris, Dale; Anaganti, Suresh; Brong, Jerry

Footnotes: February 2018

by Feldman, Marc; Jordan, Trevor; Klefsjo, Bengt; Parthasarathy, Rangarajan

Open Access

Footnotes: January 2018

by Guzman, Robert; Brong, Jerry; Allen, I. Elaine; Lanczycki, Jr., John J.

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