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Try This Today: Peaceful Coexistence

by Padhi, Nikhil

In today’s era of globalization, markets in different parts of the world have merged to form a single global marketplace, and digital technologies have redefined the way customers buy products and services....

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Try This Today: Weathering the Storm

by Perkin, Robert

Many of us work in industries where customers produces products that use engineered products produced by suppliers. These relationships are characterized in the glowing language of partnerships, but when there is a problem, the relationship degrades....

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Try This Today: Pinpointing Pain

by Saif, Sami

The customer journey is seeing the process from a customer’s point of view, and it only describes the steps customers experience across the channels while interacting with the organization and brand....

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Try This Today: Enhancing Value

by Yeoh, Jessen

Lean is a systematic approach to identifying and eliminating nonvalue-add activities in operational processes—also known as waste. But it’s not just about less—it’s also about efficiency....

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Try This Today: Lifelong Learners

by Erukulapati, Kishore

This professional model also can help organizations create a learning environment, help educational institutions prepare professionals for the 21st century, and help professional associations assist professionals, organizations and communities....

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Try This Today: Risk on the Radar

by Gooding, James L.

Traditional risk assessments use two dimensions of analysis: the likelihood that a threat or hazard event will happen, and the consequence if the event does happen....

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