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Try This Today: Get Your Priorities Straight

by Erukulapati, Kishore

Effective, efficient prioritization is important to ensure time and resources are well spent on tasks that provide maximum value. It helps us understand what is important to stakeholders and which initiatives require focus....

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Try This Today: Don’t Lose the Recipe

by Barsalou, Matthew; Perkin, Robert

A process that has functioned just fine for years starts failing and no one can figure out why. Often, this happens when a long-time production employee leaves the organization and takes with them their special method, which typically is undocumented....

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Try This Today: 'X' Marks the Spot

by Barsalou, Matthew

A quality engineer performing a root cause analysis is confronted with multiple observations that may or may not be related to the issue under investigation. The quality engineer should form a hypothesis that attempts to explain the observations....

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Try This Today: Sample Sizes

by Cortes, Gilbert A.

Effectiveness monitoring is a critical step in the failure investigation process, and occurs after implementing specific actions to address all confirmed root causes of an issue or deviation....

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Try This Today: The Whole Picture

by Ganesan, Ramaswamy

The word phenomenon means the outward manifestation of an abnormal event. An abnormal event could be a defect, breakdown, or malfunctioning of a machine....

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One Good Idea: Tips on Effective-Quality

by Ronen, Boaz; Coman, Alex

We were asked to measure the effectiveness of a large commercial bank’s audit department. The department’s output consists of recommendations for action—scored from one to five according to the level of potential risk....

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One Good Idea: Five Whys and a Why Not

by Fogle, Alan; Kandler, Edward

The five whys method is a simple way to uncover the root cause of a problem. It can be enhanced by adding a six question, “Why not?”...

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