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One Good Idea: Rethinking Audit Reports

by Harbeck, Chris

Audits often focus on what is going wrong in an organization, which can take a toll on employee psyche and culture. The author argues there is a better approach....

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One Good Idea: Humans Are Not Random

by Phillips, David

Humans are poor at randomly selecting numbers, so to ensure randomization in your sampling, rely on the following excel functions....

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One Good Idea: Networking in 20 Seconds

by Sherman, Peter J.

The three-step approach to mastering your elevator pitch....

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One Good Idea: The Best of Both Worlds

by Bader, Bruce

Balance speed and competency in training by evaluating students and courses using a focused, analyzed success in training, or FAST, score....

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One Good Idea: Visualizing Constraints

by Coman, Alex; Ronen, Boaz

The gate and gear chart can be used to give the theory of constraints a visual element....

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One Good Idea: Dealing with Deviation

by Spagnolatti, Thomas

Deviations are an expected part of manufacturing. The situation, background, assessment and recommendation method is a standardized, clear and concise method to capture and report information....

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One Good Idea: Risky Business

by Barsalou, Matthew

Evaluate the potential risk of a project decision by including risk factors in your prioritization matrix....

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One Good Idea: The 3-D Pareto Chart

by Levinson, William A.

A 3-D Pareto chart is a better way to visualize closed-loop corrective action processes....

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One Good Idea: Train With an EDGE

by Sherman, Peter J.

How do you keep a group of adult learners engaged for a full day of training? Especially with a highly technical subject such as lean Six Sigma. Look to the Boy Scouts of America (BSA). The BSA understand a key principle of training:...

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One Good Idea: Breaking the News

by Barsalou, Matthew; Perkin, Robert

There are four key strategies for communication with customers when discussing a potential quality failure. Using these four strategies will help you successful cooperate with customers and help reassure them that you have the issue under control....

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One Good Idea: Put to the Test

by Gojanovic, Tony

Count data are everywhere, and they form the basis of many decision-making statistics. Learn about formulas that help determine data’s statistical significance....

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