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One Good Idea: Keep Moving

by Robinson, Jeffrey A.

Many decision makers do not properly distinguish uncertainty from risk. When this occurs, there’s a tendency to spend too much time studying the problem, leading to a phenomenon often called “analysis paralysis.”...

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One Good Idea: Survey Fatigue

by Pecoraro, Joel

Who among us has not suffered the endless assault of satisfaction surveys? Society is surveyed out, but that doesn't mean the pursuit of meaningful customer feedback is a waste of time. It's just that the challenge is getting more difficult....

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One Good Idea: Put on Your Business Hat

by Raina, Vikas

During a software testing project, teams are consistently faced with constraints that may affect how business requirements are met, but as quality professionals, we have the ability to ensure any project is delivered with acceptable quality level (AQL)....

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One Good Idea: Finding the Gaps

by Armstrong, Michael J.

The gaps model of quality can help an organization take a big-picture look at its processes. There are five potential quality gaps, which are be described in this article using examples from a passenger airline service....

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One Good Idea: Easy A

by Levinson, William A.

It is almost as easy to fail a certification exam by making mistakes while answering questions—even if you know the answers—as it is to fail by not mastering the body of knowledge....

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One Good Idea: Designing for Accuracy

by Navetta, J.L.

For this column, I used regression analysis and design of experiments (DoE) to create a model for predicting production rates in a paper stock cutting facility....

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One Good Idea: Complicated Comparison

by Bower, Keith; Germansderfer, Abraham

Limited data availability complicates an assessment of whether two populations are comparable. A statistical tolerance interval (TI) can be used to set the comparability criteria....

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One Good Idea: Branch Out

by Landauer, Edwin G.

It can be difficult to identify the appropriate discrete distribution to use when attempting to determine probabilities in a particular situation. The decision tree can help you determine the appropriate distribution....

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One Good Idea: Prevent Memory Loss

by Knapp, Gary

All quality personnel can benefit from a good habit many successful people live by—note-taking and documenting meeting minutes....

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