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One Good Idea: Flurry of Inactivity

by Markovitz, Daniel

It won’t be long before snow starts to fall again. And as the weather cools, it reminds me of the blizzard that struck the New York City area last December and a lesson it can teach leaders everywhere....

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One Good Idea: On Purpose

by Port, Jonathan D.

When an organization has constancy of purpose with all members aligned with that purpose, productivity increases. A QMS that conforms to ISO 9001 can take advantage of requirements relating to constancy of purpose built into the standard....

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One Good Idea: Dancing Around Innovation

by Niles, Kim

Being innovative, or using applied creativity, is difficult when you fail to recognize it as a process and approach innovation opportunities as an artisan....

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One Good Idea: Failure Is an Option

by Stansbury, Wayne; Beenken, Kristine

As a reliable means of identifying potential failures before they happen, failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA) deserves a place in every product life cycle....

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One Good Idea: Going Up?

by Schvaneveldt, Shane J.

Need to pitch an idea about quality to a busy executive? If so, an elevator speech may be just what you need....

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One Good Idea: Mind Your A's and E's

by Goldman, Ira B.

Regardless of what media combinations you decide to use for your training, four concepts are essential for engaging students and making the learning stick....

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In Case of Emergency

by Parra, Cristobal A.

Time management is one of the main challenges any auditor faces during an audit. When time is limited, knowing what questions to ask and evidence to seek is crucial for an effective and efficient audit....

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