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The Visible Management System

by Sink, D. Scott

A tool to enhance improvement implementation and deployment

Establishing effective improvement cycles--such as Deming's plan, do, study, act (PDSA)--is the key to success for major improvement efforts. Performance information can be made visible through portrayal devices such as visibility boards (bulletin boards ...

A Recipe for Well-Done Procedures

by Stein, Steven

Seven steps that help reduce time, costs and confusion

Should the procedure be a requirement, staff will reluctantly follow it but fight its originator on each step every time the procedure is carried out. To assure that procedures are not only implemented but that they are also effective, efficient and accep...

Tracking Change Conditions With Phase Planes

by Denton, D. Keith

A method to better understand the interaction between two variables

Phase planes are divided into four quadrants (see Figure 1). Each quadrant represents specific behaviors for any two interactive measures (income to sales, for example). Because phase planes show the interaction of two variables, each axis is used to plot...

Use Common Law Techniques To Foster Internal Audits

by MacMaster, Gordon

Establishing precedents and documenting case histories

By borrowing the practice of documenting precedents from the common law methodology, my team maintained a consistent decision- making process. The team selected a decision as precedent if the decision involved the interpretation of a standard or policy, o...

Use Customer Input for Improvement and Corrective Action Plans

by Spehar, Deb

Satisfaction measures improve quality and help meet ISO 9000 requirements

Since Kenmar's product is the development and management of service, customer assessment can be subjective; however, the organization believed customer satisfaction would be the best measure of the quality of its performance. To obtain satisfaction data a...

Process Cycle Time Reduction

by Andersen, Bjørn

A back-to-basics look at removing bottlenecks

A serial approach results in the cycle time for the entire process being the sum of the individual steps, not to mention transport and waiting time between steps. Any issue that causes long delays and increases the cycle time for a critical business proce...

Using a Process Control Maturity Matrix

by Augustin, Raymond

A tool to develop a world-class quality process

A good way to measure how a company's methodology for process development compares to world-class industries is to place development endeavors on a process control maturity matrix (PCMM). To use the matrix, identify what process development techniques are...

Reduce Variation and Save Money

by Fine, Edmund S.

Analysis will show if a process improvement is worthwhile.

If the cost of the process improvements will be recouped in one to two years, a detailed engineering economic analysis is probably necessary. Process improvements would reduce this to 6 grams of free product per box. The cost of the process improvements i...

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