Measurement Matters


Column: Measure for Measure: Give Us Your Best

by Stein, Philip

Best measurement capability is important and controversial--or is it?

Clause 6.1.4(c) of ISO/IEC Guide 58, the worldwide standard governing the operation of calibration and testing laboratory accreditation systems, states in part that an applicant calibration laboratory...

Column: Measure for Measure: Measuring the Internet

by Stein, Philip

Properly analyzing good data can help you improve your Web site

The author discusses problems, possible solutions, and some tools in measuring the use of specific Internet web pages....

Measure for Measure: All You Ever Wanted to Know About Resolution

by Stein, Philip

How to calculate measurement resolution's contribution to an uncertainty budget

The ISO Guide to the Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement and many references based on it set forward a method for enumerating and quantifying various influences on a measurement that contribute to variation of the reported value. The method is...

Column: Measure for Measure: By Their Measures Shall Ye Know Them

by Stein, Philip

Measurement results can cause undesired behaviors

When people are measured, they tend to operate in a way that optimizes the measurement result, even though to do so may be counterproductive or even silly. When this happens, the measurement system is distorted and doesn't drive the...

Gravity of the situation.

by Stein, Philip

Understanding, finding and correcting an essential value

A standard value of gravity has been set at 980.665 gals, and many times you will find instruments calibrated with a correction to this standard value. After determining each measurement value, multiply it by this correction constant to get a value approp...

The Education of a Metrologist

by Stein, Philip

Finding and using measurement science resources

Metrology (measurement science) is an interesting and unusual profession. He or she should also have specialized knowledge in several metrology and engineering areas--the most common being mechanical and dimensional measurements, electrical measurements, ...

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