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Put Some SAAS in Your Career

by Whitacre, Teresa

Have you ever wondered why friends, associates or co-workers get ahead faster or move on to other positions? Have you ever assessed your own career?...

Column: Career Corner: The Personal 360

by Conklin, Joe

I remember the time I volunteered for a 360-degree performance review. That's a formal dialogue in which you get feedback about your job style and effectiveness from peers, subordinates and supervisors. "Normal performance reviews are scary enough," you...

Column: Career Corner: Jacks and Jills of Many Skills

by Westcott, Russ

A significant conclusion I've come to after reading reams of newsprint about downsizing, layoffs, plant closings and the like is that people who have developed multiple skill sets have a unique advantage. These folks are either asked to remain with the...

Column: Career Corner: Lessons From Prairie Dogs

by Lindborg, Hank

Like prairie dogs, some organizations are excellent at identifying and responding defensively to external threats. However, a response that works in the animal kingdom can be counterproductive in...

Column: Career Corner: Fact Based Career Decisions

by Brong, Jerry

Use readily available data to make career...

Column: Career Corner: AIM High and Succeed

by Whitacre, Teresa A.

Are you unemployed and depressed about your options? Are you frustrated in your current position and feeling out of alternatives? Take heart. I have personally experienced both these scenarios, and I found the keys to unlocking the vault...

Column: Career Corner: Be a Change Agent

by Balestracci, Davis

The quality profession is no longer static but is in a state of unprecedented transition. Practitioners must begin to see themselves as change agents facilitating an ongoing organizational quality improvement process....

Column: Career Corner: Resumes: Before and After

by Conklin, Joe

My friend Deming Juran Crosby (D.J. for short) and I go back a long way. He recently decided to look for a new job and wanted some feedback on his résumé. It looked all right to me, but I suggested D.J. get a more professional opinion....

Column: Career Corner: Sell Your Contribution To the Bottom Line

by Westcott, Russ

Don't be too polite to blow your own horn. Telling people what you have accomplished is good for them as well as for...

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The Shift to Customer Focus

by Lindborg, Hank

Understanding what complaints really mean is an important aspect of leadership

Quality requires complaints not merely be tolerated but be actively encouraged--embraced for their value in getting at the roots of problems in production and service. 1 He contrasts the language of complaint with the language of commitment. Who better to...

Column: Career Corner: Is It Time To Go?

by Conklin, Joe

The author used an analytical method to decide whether or not to leave his job, while his former boss's decision to leave was based upon relationship needs. Both methods are...

Column: Career Corner: Quitting, Even In Tough Times

by Brong, Jerry

Quitting is tough. But controlling your career is your responsibility, and quitting a job can be a tactic that allows you to take control. Even in these uncertain economic times, the quality field offers job opportunities....

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