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Back to Basics: A Quality Investment

by Choudhary, Neetu

Finance is the language of business. All investments must consider the profit they will earn, called the return on investment (ROI)....

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Back to Basics: Critical Objectives

by Choudhary, Neetu

Meeting customer specifications and expectations is a critical requirement for any project. To meet these requirements, projects go through many phases, such as feasibility studies, requirement gathering, design, development testing and deployment....

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Back to Basics: A Formula for Learning

by Tielker, Alex

Training is required and necessary in every organization for four main reasons. Often, however, training can be painful to sit through....

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Back to Basics: A Disciplined Approach

by Pruitt, W. Frazier

Nothing causes anxiety in a team quite like the release of a corrective action preventative action (CAPA) system and accompanying eight disciplines (8D) model. Questions of value come immediately and consistently....

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Back to Basics: Starfish and Turtles

by Bautista Smith, Janet

A lean quality program that has features such as self-check, sustainability and feedback at minimum operating cost is an ideal initiative....

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Back to Basics: The Wow Factor

by Muncaster, David

It’s amazing how much the digital age has changed the way organizations view and react to customers....

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