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Back to Basics: Make Up Your Mind

by Rusly, Johanna

The agile project management method uses continuous improvement and collaboration at every stage of a project, requiring more face-to-face meetings than other project management approaches....

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Back to Basics: Above and Beyond

by Bautista Smith, Janet

The auditing beyond compliance model offers a strategy for assessing and measuring risk. A traditional audit may not detect risk because it primarily focuses on compliance, and typically is not designed to measure variables outside compliance....

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Back to Basics: A Lean Approach to Promoting Employee Suggestions

by Force, Scott

A key element of lean thinking is highly visible processes. Being able to discern the state of a process at a glance allows problems to be identified and addressed quickly. A visual dashboard is a great tool to see how a process is moving toward a goal....

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Back to Basics: Maintaining Knowledge

by Boyers, Paul E.

Many root cause investigations end with the corrective and preventive action of retraining the employee....

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Back to Basics: Shedding More Light

by Barsalou, Matthew

The scientific method is used in science, however it’s also appropriate when performing a root cause analysis (RCA). Using the scientific method can help ensure that the true cause of a failure is identified....

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Back to Basics: Uncovering the Truth

by Harding, Arved

Understanding sources of variation in statistical analysis...

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Back to Basics: The Gravity of PDCA

by Nelson, T. Dan

The plan-do-check-act method seems basic, so it can be easy to skip or skim over steps if the logic behind each is not properly understood....

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