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Back to Basics: Take Another Look

by Daniel J. LeSaux

The use of several strategies to monitor and improve the overall effectiveness of the quality management system is included in ISO 9001, paragraph 8.0, “Measurement Analysis and Improvement.” Two of these are often used independently while...

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Back to Basics: Assessing Failure

by Stamm, Scott

A measuring instrument, gauge or device failed recalibration, and you have been asked to determine the influence on previously produced products. Where do you start, and what do you do?...

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Back to Basics: Rapid Response

by Smith, Janet Bautista

Customer complaints are part of any business, and a company’s responsiveness to complaints is crucial in maintaining a mutually beneficial business relationship. These days, there is a misconception in the business world about the true meaning...

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Back to Basics: Change Essentials

by Ford, Jack

Since BloodCenter of Wisconsin began its lean journey four years ago, I have had the chance to do some thinking on what is necessary for any change initiative to be successful. What follows is a short list of what I consider to be the essentials for...

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Back to Basics: Get to the Root of It

by Rucker, David M.

We’ve all been there before—an elusive field failure sparks customer complaints and warranty claims and threatens to curtail future orders. Ambiguous, conflicting field reports of failure modes and products affected pour in....

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Back to Basics: Customer Delight

by Curtis, Harold

We all know the basics of customer satisfaction: on-time delivery, quality performance, customer complaint resolution and parts per million (PPM). Now that you have obtained the pinnacle 100% on-time delivery, zero PPM and no customer complaints, what’s...

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