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Back to Basics: Measures that Matter

by Kolar, Bradley

What do you measure in your organization? Sales results? Operating costs? Profit? Employee or customer satisfaction? Perhaps you measure the number of programs your department delivers or the number of attendees at those programs. You probably have a...

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Back to Basics: Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3

by Carrico, Robert J.

Just as it is important that a product function properly, the product manual must also work. Owners or product users must be able to easily find the information they need to use an item effectively. To achieve this objective, the content and organization...

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Back to Basics: Table Talk

by Leonard, Denis

There are many ways to determine how successful a process or project is. These methods normally involve detailed metrics and may include cycle-time reduction, number of process steps and customer satisfaction. However, the more improvement projects there...

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Back to Basics: Sample Wise

by Niles, Kim

Selecting the correct sample size is often the most difficult aspect of any project. Rules of thumb are important because they promote discussion that facilitates the selection of a more optimum sample size....

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Back to Basics: Training Day

by Moser, Cliff

Effectively training project staff and capturing and diffusing the training is difficult within any industry. At the company I work for, Cadforce Inc., we used a forgotten program from World War II America to help train construction field staff....

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Back to Basics: Improve a Nonconforming System

by Pintavalle, Robert

When we think of nonconforming material, we think about scrapped and reworked material or products that directly cut into a company’s bottom line. But a closer look shows that a nonconforming material system can provide a wealth of information....

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