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The Forgotten "C" in DMAIC

by Rybarczyk, Phillip

When using Six Sigma's define, measure, analyze, improve, control (DMAIC) approach in an improvement project, quality practitioners often either neglect or poorly execute the control stage, jeopardizing the......

Lessons Learned

by Westcott, Russ

"Lessons learned” is just one name for the penultimate step that takes place before closing a process improvement or new development project. Other names include:...

Curse of the Super-fish-al

by Hedley, Martin

Root cause analysis teaches us to ask, "Why?" five times, and from this I developed these five ways not to use a fishbone....

Return on Investment

by Westcott, Russ

Return on investment (ROI) is a powerful tool to add to your repertoire of skills. It will help you sell quality improvement initiatives and enable you to demonstrate the benefits from such improvements....

Corrective vs. Preventive Action

by Westcott, Russ

Quality professionals frequently express confusion about the difference between corrective and preventive action. Corrective action deals with a nonconformity that has occurred, and preventive action addresses the potential for a nonconformity to occur....

Make No Mistake

by Smith III, Edwin B.

Mistake proofing tools provide low cost, effective defect prevention and operator feedback. They can stop mistakes from being made or make mistakes obvious at a glance....

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