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3.4 per Million: The Right Decision

by Mader, Douglas P.

As the Six Sigma Academy led large deployments at Allied Signal, GE and other organizations in the 1990s, one of the great benefits realized was linking define, measure, analyze, improve and control-based project improvement to financial performance....

3.4 per Million: Digging the Holistic Approach

by Snee, Ronald D.

Few will argue we live in a dynamic world where change is accelerating. What often goes unnoticed is that along with this rapid change, there is the opportunity and the need to improve....

3.4 per Million: Perusing Process Performance Metrics

by Kubiak, T.M.

Often, I have students ask for clarification about the subtopic level in the 2007 Six Sigma Black Belt body of knowledge, which deals with process performance metrics....

3.4 per Million: It’s a Marathon, Not a Sprint

by Conklin, Joseph D.

Six Sigma practitioners like their successes swift, large and final. Nature and circumstance, however, are rarely that kind. Normally, success is secured one step at a time....

3.4 per Million: Smart Talk

by Carnell, Mike

When you examine the success of Six Sigma at Motorola, one characteristic that is frequently listed as a critical success factor is the common language it created. That attribute meanders its way into all types of Six Sigma conversations....

3.4 per Million: Control and Grow Your Enterprise

by Breyfogle, Forrest

To achieve maximum efficiencies and financial results in turbulent business and financial markets, executives and senior managers must revisit their business models to make certain measurements lead to the right behaviors....

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