Field Notes


Field Notes: Unannounced, and More Unexpected

by Soares, Nuno M.F.

The etymological origin of the word “audit” is related to the principle of oral examinations of accounts. By this definition, an auditor is the person who receives, listens and examines the accounts....

Field Notes: Bridge the Gaps

by Duffy, Grace L.

While it may seem natural for healthcare professionals to work together to achieve the best patient outcomes, it isn’t always that simple in practice. The silo-nature of modern healthcare can make fluid collaboration a challenge....

Field Notes: Sorting It Out

by Laman, Scott A.

Medical device risk management is an interesting and rewarding profession because we perform critical analyses throughout a product’s life cycle to protect patients and users from harm....

Field Notes: Maintaining Data Integrity

by Rodriguez Perez, Pepe

In August 2015, the European Union (EU) banned the marketing of about 700 Indian-made generic drugs for alleged manipulation of clinical trials data....

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