Innovation Imperative


Innovation Imperative: Think Big

by Merrill, Peter

If we look at past trends, we may be able to predict future direction. However, complexity makes that increasingly difficult. So predicting the future of quality in this increasingly complex world won’t be easy....

Innovation Imperative: A Brief History of Quality

by Merrill, Peter

To become reacquainted with the fundamentals on how quality and innovation work in tandem and understanding how these powers must be harnessed together, it’s helpful to occasionally look back at where we’ve been and where we’re headed....

Innovation Imperative: Lead Role

by Merrill, Peter

Last year in this column, I wrote about the innovation leader’s job from a team perspective. Now let’s focus on three personal attributes for innovation leaders: entrepreneurship, being an explorer and the ability to move fast....

Innovation Imperative: The Business of Innovation

by Merrill, Peter

Using ISO 9001:2015 to build innovation into your business strategy....

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