Innovation Imperative


Innovation Imperative: Open to Suggestions

by Merrill, Peter

Open market innovation intrigues people because it appears to run counter to accepted business practices. It discounts secrecy, recognizes we lack knowledge in our own organizations and depends on ideas from outside for success....

Innovation Imperative: A Question of Balance

by Merrill, Peter

Many people say that mentioning standards and innovation in the same breath is a contradiction in terms. Evidence from the real world says otherwise....

Innovation Imperative: Time for a Change

by Merrill, Peter

A quality manager’s career is far from predictable. It depends on the attitude of an organization’s leadership toward quality and, perhaps more importantly, leadership’s understanding of what quality is....

Innovation Imperative: The Greater Good

by Merrill, Peter

Innovation can provide solutions to many social problems, but it can also be the cause of those problems. The financial sector is a good example of an area in which both sides of the social responsibility coin are evident....

Innovation Imperative: Unplugged

by Merrill, Peter

Many people think technology drives innovation. In fact, the opposite is true....

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Innovation Imperative: Risky Business

by Merrill, Peter

Norm Larsen celebrated 39 previous failures when he named his breakthrough new product WD-40. His example proves that innovators can’t be afraid to fail....

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