Up Front: Still Growing

by Sanders, Seiche

QP’s annual salary survey is the most comprehensive of its kind, giving quality professionals data to gauge their own career paths, compare themselves to their peers and decide what steps might lead to a bigger salary....

Upfront: Lessons Learned

by Sanders, Seiche

Quality Progress has published articles by many respected quality leaders. Armand V. Feigenbaum is one of the last living gurus, and this month, we have yet another of his enlightening and insightful articles....

Up Front: Get the Scoop

by Sanders, Seiche

As a journalist, it was a treat to discover this mont's cover story--which follows the auditing theme--is based on secrets and tips gleaned from journalists that auditors can use to facilitate teh msot effective, insightful audits possible....

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Up Front: Love It/Hate It

by Sanders, Seiche

Nothing stirs up controversy within the quality community quite like Six Sigma. Based on letters, comments and articles, I think it's safe to say Six Sigma might just be one of the most revered--and possibly one of the most reviled--quality methods.....

Up Front: Baldrige Backbone

by Sanders, Seiche

Since its inception in 1987, the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award has recognized U.S. organizations for achieving quality and performance excellence......

Up Front: Media Revolution

by Sanders, Seiche

In my 15 years in publishing, economic cycles and consumer habits have significantly changed advertiser behavior....

Up Front: Hold Tight

by Sanders, Seiche

Tales of economic hardship are easy to come by these days. To be honest, when QP editors set about assembling the collection of anecdotes on quality and the economy contained in the feature story, “Weather the Storm,” I braced myself for the worst....

Up Front: Brave the New World

by Sanders, Seiche

I've attended some dud presentations in my day--the kind where you later say to yourself: "I wish there had been some more solid ideas I could implement now," or even worse, "That was a serious waste of my time!"...

Up Front: Culture: Change!

by Sanders, Seiche

True culture change is finicky: It requires a clear strategic plan, leadership support, adequate resources, coordinated implementation and lots of patience. " Author Leon Spackman offers sound advice that can be applied to almost any type of organization ...

Up Front: The Road Back

by Sanders, Seiche

I’ve had friends and family in the automotive, financial and construction industries lose their jobs, and I’ve heard about dozens more “friends of friends” who got laid off and are looking for work while struggling to make mortgage payments. According to ...

Up Front: Don't Panic!

by Sanders, Seiche

In today's sickly economy, consumers are attempting to stretch their dollars further than a candy-craving kid looking to spend a nickel at a dime store......

Up Front: Pay It Forward

by Sanders, Seiche

A popular way of keeping in touch with friends these days is through the social networking site Facebook. Via ASQ’s mentor network, less-experienced members benefit from the experience of ASQ fellows, who can provide education and career advice. We want t...

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