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Standards Outlook: Putting Things In Context

by Reid, R. Dan

ISO 9001:2015 enhances the role quality management systems play in the success of an organization and its business processes. Evidence of this is in a new requirement in subclause 4.1: “Understanding the organization and its context.”...

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Standards Outlook: Systems That Go the Distance

by West, John E. "Jack"; Cianfrani, Charles A.

The final draft of ISO 9001:2015 is in the balloting process and is scheduled to be issued this year. Several concepts are expected to appear in the final version that can help improve organizational sustainability....

Standards Outlook: On-Time Departure

by Cressionnie, L.L. "Buddy"

The International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG) recently announced that the AS9100:2016 series of standards is on track to be released for sector publication in April 2016....

Standards Outlook: Disappearing Act

by Schnoll, Les

In the United States and most of the rest of the world, customer service has all but disappeared. The ISO 10000 series, which relates to customer satisfaction, can be used to maintain and improve an organization’s customer processes....

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Standards Outlook: Innovation and ISO 9001:2015

by West, John E. “Jack”; Cianfrani, Charles

Should innovation be included in ISO 9001 2015? This question has become pertinent to quality professionals because the recently distributed ISO/DIS 9001 has included this word and concept as a QMS requirement for the first time....

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Standards Outlook: Remove the Silos

by Liebesman, Sandford

The most significant and costly silos that exist in most organizations today are the ones representing finance and quality management....

Standards Outlook: The Party's Over (Almost)

by Dunmire, Thea

In 1967, Willie Nelson released an LP called “The Party’s Over.” In the title song, Nelson laments, “Turn out the lights, the party’s over. They say that, ‘All good things must end.’’...

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Standards Outlook: Not a Game

by West, John E. “Jack”; Cianfrani Charles A.

People seem to be divided into two camps regarding the new wording related to the subject of risk found in the draft of ISO 9001:2015....

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Standards Outlook: Fake Out

by Gordon, Dale K.

Keep counterfeits at bay via your quality management system....

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