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Standards Outlook: Generating Audit Findings and Conclusions

by Russell, J.P.

The ability to identify audit findings, communicate them and determine the audit conclusions is one of the skills that adds the most value to a management system audit....

Standards Outlook: Developing the Voluntary Healthcare Standard

by Reid, R. Dan

The new Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) voluntary standard for healthcare delivery is in its second review, with an anticipated launch no later than early 2008. AIAG also is pursuing partners for the publication from the healthcare sector....

Standards Outlook: Standards and the Knowledge Age

by West, John E. "Jack"

Things are moving so fast these days that some are questioning the long-term viability of standards, particularly management systems standards (MSSs)....

Standards Outlook: Do Environmental Management Systems Improve Performance?

by Briggs, Susan L.K.

The debate regarding the value of environmental management systems arises from a lack of comparable, quantifiable data demonstrating companies with a formal EMS produce less environmental emissions, discharges and waste than companies without one....

Standards Outlook: Increase ISO 9001's Value

by Liebesman, Sandford

ISO 9001 describes a basic, effective quality management system (QMS). Compliance to it is the starting point toward achieving excellence in an organization. Additions to an ISO 9001 compliant QMS can act as the first steps toward excellence....

Standards Outlook: Supply Chain Management Remains Aerospace Challenge

by Gordon, Dale K.

The aerospace industry is in the process of shedding new light on the customer-supplier relationship, especially in the never ending quest to deliver defect free, safe and reliable product....

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Standards Outlook: Process Auditing and Techniques

by Russell, J.P.

Process audits are highly focused, but their effective techniques are not always understood. Because there is no sanctioned process audit standard, anyone can claim to be doing process audits....

Standards Outlook: Circling the Wagons

by Reid, R. Dan

The U.S. technical advisory group to International Organization for Standardization technical committee 176 (ISO/TC 176) recently released a document called Quality Management Systems—Advice From ISO/TC 176 for Sector Specific Applications.1...

Standards Outlook: New Ideas and Expanded Use

by West, John E. "Jack"

With more than a half million organizations certified or registered to ISO 9001 and 14001, many say the development of management system standards (MSSs) has ended. But wait; is this really where things end? I would say the answer is no....

Standards Outlook: QMSs and EMSs Support Financial Management Systems

by Liebesman, Sandford

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) was adopted in 2002 in response to scandals, such as the ones at Enron and WorldCom, and other misuse of corporate resources. In 2003, Paul Palmes and I started an effort to integrate...

Standards Outlook: Clarifying the Intent of ISO 14001.

by Briggs, Susan L.K.

Are you in the process of upgrading your organization’s environmental management system (EMS) to the revised ISO 14001 standard and stumped on the meaning of the new language or a new requirement in the standard?...

Standards Outlook: The Future of Quality Management Standards

by Gordon, Dale K.

My first column for “Standards Outlook” back in 2000 was about the introduction of the aerospace quality management system (QMS) standard AS9100....

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