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Expert Answers: December 2016

by Aston, Bill

Implementation of subclause 6.1 in ISO 9001:2015—actions to address risks and opportunities ......

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Expert Answers: November 2016

by Cogan, Ken; Reid, R. Dan

Beyond ISO 9001:2015's knowledge requirements; The importance of of internal audits ......

Expert Answers: October 2016

by Laman, Scott A.; Kubiak, T.M.

Implementing a quality system globally ......

Expert Answers: September 2016

by Butcher, Kenneth S.

Explaining reasonable package guidance...

Expert Answers: August 2016

by Sherman, Peter J.; Barnett, Andy

How do I convince a supplier to accept and produce material with a tighter specification?...

Expert Answers: July 2016

by Shah, Dilip A.; Wagoner, Keith; Seaman, Julia E.; Allen, I. Elaine

How ISO 9001’s 2015 revision will affect AS9100....

Expert Answers: June 2016

by Laman, Scott A.; Reid, R. Dan

Defining a metrology program....

Expert Answers: May 2016

by Mehta, Pradip V.; Barnett, Andy

A roadmap for a lead auditor's first audit....

Expert Answers: April 2016

by Gaskill, Tyler

Understanding certification deadlines for ISO 9001:2015....

Expert Answers: March 2016

by Ramu, Govind; Laman, Scott A.

Understanding if you're experiencing a personnel or system issue....

Expert Answers: February 2016

by Ramu, Govind; Aston, Bill; Bossert, Jim;

The difference between design verification, design validation and validation of processes....

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