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Expert Answers: December 2008

by QP Staff

Get your boss to pay for training ... Three or six-sigma process?

Q: I’d like to know which process is better controlled: a three-sigma process or a six-sigma process. If the context of your question relates to statistical process control (SPC), then a six-sigma process is better controlled. Q: Will the new ISO 26000 st...

Expert Answers: November 2008

by Berman, Bill, and Scott, John; Kubiak, T.M.; Reid, R. Dan

Workplace recognition ... Choosing the right chart.

In your particular case, your production run rate is 30 pieces per hour, so you have a variety of charts available to you, including attribute charts. PPAP provides flexibility in how much documentation must be submitted to the customer as evidence the PP...

Expert Answers: October 2008

by QP Staff

Sample size of 30 ... DFMEA dilemma....

Expert Answers: September 2008

by QP Staff

Information management systems ... The benefits of binomial probability plotting....

Expert Answers: August 2008

by QP Staff

Flushing out flatness ... Corrective vs. preventive actions....

Expert Answers: July 2008

by QP Staff

The sigma 1.5 shift ... ISO's origins....

Expert Answers: June 2008

by Kubiak, T.M.; Cogan, Ken; Allen, I. Elaine

Calculating DPMO ... Origins of sampling plan....

Expert Answers: May 2008

by Sanders, Seiche

Government and cost of quality ... Understanding the slack factor....

Expert Answers: April 2008

by QP Staff

Probability of failure ... Deming's contributions....

Expert Answers: March 2008

by Kubiak, T.M.; Barnett, Andy; Westfall, Jack; Allen, I. Elaine

Outlook on outsourcing ... When does Six Sigma suffice?...

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Expert Answers: February 2008

by QP Staff

ISO standards outlines ... The benefits of kaizen blitzes....

Expert Answers: January 2008

by Cogan, Ken; Kubiak, T.M.; Tunner, Joe;

Soft dollars and the bottom line ... Process maps: Where do you end?...

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