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My Quality Story: Blazing a Trail

by Davis, David

If I was addressing anyone other than quality professionals, I’d say it was a million degrees outside. I can’t produce any measurements to back that up, but I can say that it was August, there was a draught and my buddy and I were nearly out of water....

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My Quality Story: A Day in the Life

by Rao, Narahari

ASQ’s International Team Excellence Award (ITEA) is a global benchmark award program that provides organizations from around the world with a platform to showcase the success of a process improvement project their organization successfully implemented....

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My Quality Story: Keep the Spirit Alive

by García-Díaz, Pedro Rafael

People often think: “A new version, a new ISO 9001.” But is it, really?...

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My Quality Story: The Chicken or the Egg?

by Josiah, Francis K.

My team was tasked with optimizing production processing speed. We supported a financial services organization whose cultural environment was heavily production driven. So much so that the quality of production ranked second to production....

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My Quality Story: Unexpected Outcomes

by Goolsby, Don

My quality journey began when I attended a six-month training and technology school for nondestructive testing (NDT) at the Y-12 National Security Complex in Oak Ridge, TN....

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My Quality Story: Clean-Up Time

by Jakubas, Kate

Quality knowledge isn’t widely considered a critical startup skill, but lean and Six Sigma helped me grow my manufacturing business over an order of magnitude in two years....

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