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My Quality Story: Logged On Learning

by Kasozi, Doreen Ninsiima

I never thought I would pursue an online doctorate. I’ve always had misconceptions about online study, and my priority after earning my master’s degree in economic policy management was to focus on my family and build my career....

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My Quality Story: Calculating Risk

by Pek, Roberta

“What would you attempt to do if you knew you couldn’t fail?” This question—written on a paperweight—has stared back at me from its prominent place on my desk for a dozen years, a gift from one of my favorite managers....

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My Quality Story: When Opportunity Knocks

by Fu, Lin

My friends have asked me, “How did you end up as a quality manager?” To be honest, I don’t know—I never planned to be a quality professional in the medical technology industry. What I do know is this: Always be prepared when an opportunity comes along....

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My Quality Story: The A’s Have It

by Williams, Lori

Personal stories from quality professionals....

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My Quality Story: A Quality Education

by Cresswell, Phyllis

Doing things right the first time in conjunction with working on the right things is how I approach most things in life. No one is perfect, but we should strive everyday to be better, hit our targets, and be timely and concise as often as possible....

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