My Quality Story


Quality in the First Person: Reflections of Progress

by Thor, Scott

Like many quality professionals I know, my career didn’t start with a focus on quality. My working life started after I finished an associate degree at a local community college and pursued a hands-on career in welding. Welding proved to be a...

Quality in the First Person: A Different Perspective

by Seoane, Amalia Yoguez

My journey in quality began 1996, when I was studying industrial engineering at Mexico City’s Autonomous Metropolitan University. I was attracted to this field because a friend’s father had a small voltmeter assembly factory, and to sell its products...

Quality in the First Person: Share the Wealth

by Marchetti, Carol E.

When I received my doctorate in statistics in 1997, I had never heard of quality control in a statistical context. But by 2002, I was teaching statistical quality control (SQC) at Rochester Institute of Technology in New York...

Quality in the First Person: Personal Touch

by Kearney, Stacey

With only 24 hours in a day, we strive for balance in our personal and professional lives. Quality time is necessary for marriages to thrive, for children to grow and for individuals to maintain health and happiness. In essence, quality time is the time...

Quality in the First Person: Seek and You Shall Find

by Knapp, Gary

In March 2009, I joined a small computer numerical control (CNC) job shop’s management team as quality manager. I started there after having worked for 11 years in quality management and having had experience developing new projects, launching new...

Quality in the First Person: Oh, the Places You'll Go

by Newcomb, Willam O.

In 1988, after I had been working in the quality control department of a major alkaline battery producer for 10 years, I had the opportunity to move to the quality assurance department. The move included some quality control responsibilities....

Quality in the First Person: Accidental Destiny

by Harding, Paul

John Ruskin once said, “Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of intelligent effort.”1 How many of us who work in quality came into the profession by accident? I, for one, can raise my hand. I started my career as an apprentice tool...

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