My Quality Story


Quality in the First Person: Quality Principles and Alzheimer's

by Carrico, Robert

The author, a volunteer advocate with the Alzheimer's Association, shares how quality tools, such as failure mode effects analysis, can be used when caring for someone suffering from Alzheimer's disease....

Quality in the First Person: One Person's Quality Journey Begins in the Insurance Industry

by Kelly, Laura M.

My quality journey began when I discovered the Chartered Property Casualty Underwriters (CPCU) designation and CPCU Society....

Quality in the First Person: Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due

by Foster, Ronnie

Shortly after retiring from the business world, I had the opportunity to spend several semesters as an adjunct instructor in the school of business at a small, local private college....

Quality in the First Person: Continual Innovation and Reinvention

by Westcott, Russ

There is often a pattern to one's work life, a pattern that might not have been immediately evident or intended. Call it an inclination that ultimately morphs into a strategic plan....

Quality in the First Person: 5S for Families

by Filipusic, Davorka

Many articles have been written about 5S programs and their applications in the business environment. When I started, it didn't occur to me that these principles would one day have such a significant impact on my personal life....

Quality in the First Person: Always On: 24/7 Quality

by Elena Acri-Kalbach

"Mommy, why is the lot code smeared on the bottom of this bottle?" asked my 7-year-old son, Gabriel....

Quality in the First Person: Quality Control and Brain Damage

by Lee, Howard

Patience perseveres, even in the worst of circumstances....

Quality in the First Person: From IT to QA

by Wade, Gary

Would you like to change career paths? Many articles entice us with thoughts of finding new jobs that will fulfill all our dreams, but how many experienced professionals actually make the jump?...

Quality in the First Person: Quality on the Front Lines

by Furr, Joseph P.

"Always remain in a rigid state of flexibility" is the one thing about quality that has definitely stuck with me all these years. After checking the internet and finding no information on who might have coined that phrase, I shall claim it as mine....

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